Supporting the Court Preparation Process for your Child

  • It is important that your child systematically work through each of the play stations on SuperHero Island in order that all the core concepts above are covered. He/she needs to stay to do the exercises and activities. When the concept has been successfully learned, the child will be rewarded with a virtual item of the SuperHero costume.

Explore fears ==> CIRCUS
Learn the court process by watching a movie ==> THEATRE
Read things about court ==> LIBRARY
Learn important memory strategies ==> SCHOOL
Complete a puzzle of the courtroom ==> PLAYGROUND
Find online resources ==> POLICE STATION
Practice testifying and learn about the courtroom ==> COURTHOUSE

  • Your child will benefit from repeated visits to the website. Your child might be more inclined to work through the activities if you sit with him/her. Ask your child what he/she learned from each station.
  • A free individual online session with a qualified court preparation professional will further support your child’s learning and can be arranged by emailing Alice at
  • Your child is permitted to review the statement he/she provided to the police by videotape, audiotape or writing. As a parent, you should contact the Crown prosecutor a few weeks prior to court and arrange for the child to have access to it. As a parent, DO NOT review the case with your child as it could be jeopardized if it is seen that you might have coached your child. Leave it to the Crown prosecutor or police officers.