Court Preparation Training Package for Program Facilitators and Child Witnesses

About the ProgramCompleted in January 1996, the You're Not Alone: Child Witness Court Preparation Training Package was designed for those who would like to start up and run a child witness court preparation program in their region

After several years of running the highly successful Child Witness Court Preparation Program in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, You're Not Alone was developed by the Society due to the many requests from other agencies across Canada about how they could run such a program.

Modeled after the Calgary program, You're Not Alone is a multi-media package providing the information and some of the materials needed to provide court preparation services to child witnesses on a small or large scale, in rural or urban settings. This comprehensive package contains print and video materials designed for those providing the services, as well as the You're Not Alone video and comic book designed specifically for children.

Children's Video and Comic Book

Designed specifically for children, the 32 minutes video and 20 page comic book are informative, entertaining and full of adventure.

With amazing special effects, PJ Phil Guerrero (of YTV) takes 9 year old Chris on a magic zapper ride to meet children of various ages who share their courtroom experiences. PJ Phil and Chris also visit a courtroom and watch as 10 year old Alice testifies.

The video and comic book creatively illustrate and teach children about relaxation techniques, court rules, court personnel and the court process. As well, it reinforces the important message that "You're Not Alone".

The You're Not Alone Children's Video and Comic Book are available separately for:

Video - $30.00 (Cdn + GST + Shipping & Handling)

Comic - $3.50 (Cdn + GST + Shipping & Handling)

Court Preparation Training Package

Package Price: $500.00 (Cdn). Created by experienced court preparation administrators and facilitators, the You're Not Alone: Child Witness Court Preparation Program is user friendly and comprehensive. This all-encompassing package takes one from the planning and implementation stages through to the management of a full-fledged court preparation program. The standardized curriculum includes methods and strategies for delivering court preparation services to children in a group format, individually, or as 'refresher' booster sessions.

Here's what is included:
Administration Binder
Curriculum Binder
Documentation Binder
Videos Binder, includes:You're Not Alone children's video



You're Not Alone Comic Book

Facilitator's Training Video
Sturdy Library Case

This guide provides practical information about obtaining community support, fund raising, choosing a program structure, administering a small or large scale program, and volunteer management.

This binder contains the field-tested, core curriculum for individual, group and booster sessions. It includes detailed instructions and methods, as well as alternative exercises for children in different age groups.

This binder contains a master collection of full sized administration forms and curriculum handouts that may be photocopied for direct use in the program.

The Facilitator's Training Video demonstrates strategies for delivering the core curriculum. The Facilitator's Training Video and the You're Not Alone children's video and comic book fit within moulded compartments in the binder for ease of storage.

The Society wishes to thank the following sponsors whose generous financial support is responsible for the production of this program:

  • Alberta Family and Social Services
  • Justice Canada
  • Provincial Chapter of Alberta, I.O.D.E.
  • Calgary Police Service Video Unit
  • Saskatchewan Justice - Victims Assistance
  • The Shining Light Society of Canada
  • Canadian Hunter Exploration Ltd.

A very special thanks to the primary funder, Alberta Justice - Victims Assistance Committee

You're Not Alone

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